It’s 1458, long before the Protestant Reformation. A group of dissenters practice their religion in the Italian Alps according to the forbidden Holy Scriptures. In Rome, the Catholic Church has marked them as heretics.

Andreas de Bonomo, a novice monk, is tasked with spying on the heretical Vallenses to either bring them back into the mother church or exterminate them. Arriving in one of their villages, Andreas meets Constanza Pavarin, befriends her, and begins to sympathize with her primitive beliefs and humble lifestyle. Will he remain loyal to his Catholic heritage or open his heart to the teachings of the Bible?

The Outcast of Chivasso

A Novella of the Waldensians (Witnesses of the Light #0.5)

His enemies want him to flee. One little girl needs him to stay.

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Heretics of Piedmont

A Novel of the Waldensians (Witnesses of the Light #1)

Few oppose the Roman Church’s domination. A monk spies on rebels hiding in the mountains. Will he destroy the rebels or embrace them?

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The Lord of Luserna

A Novel of the Waldensians (Witnesses of the Light #2)

One book could change the world—or cost them everything.

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